We are known on the market as a reliable business partner that focuses on the best interests of both suppliers and clients.

Since 1997, Cagemax has been trading high-quality animal proteins and fats. We have successfully built up our business by supplying large quantities to several large and smaller pet food producers.

In addition, we have expanded our business by supplying raw materials (animal by-products, but also organic by-products and waste products) to the aquafeed, compound feed, fertilizer, and energy sectors. With recent and upcoming changes in European legislation, the applicability of our products is continuously changing. Cagemax will remain a stable partner in a dynamic market.

Added value

We are able to supply either directly from the manufacturer or from our various storage and transshipment facilities around our home base in Zaltbommel, The Netherlands. Our experienced and loyal team of employees provides our clients and suppliers with a swift handling of their orders and advice on market developments. Our knowledge and experience covers the entire supply chain, from manufacturers to end-users. We are known for our extensive product portfolio and are thus always able to offer good alternatives.

Within our extensive network we stay in direct and continuous contact with many manufacturers, both within and outside of Europe. We purchase large quantities, which is beneficial to our customers, since we are able to exert influence on important aspects such as price and quality. To our suppliers this means doing business with a large and reliable partner, who always respects contracts and is able to take any volume, at any time. Having proprietary storage and transshipment facilities enables us to quickly respond to market developments and to swiftly handle high-volume transactions. Since we purchase our products from different manufacturers, we are able to offer our customers the choice between different qualities and origins.


Quality is our top priority

Quality is not just an item we consider 'important'. It is essential to the continued existence of our company. Social responsibility lies at the root of this topic.


We operate in full compliance with HACCP principles and practice. For our activities concerning bioenergy we are ISCC-EU certified to ensure a sustainable value chain. Our SKALcertification ensures that the biological or bio-organic products we offer are produced in compliance with European rules and guidelines for these products.

Active quality control

We analyze every load of goods that we handle, both internally and externally in an accredited laboratory. In this way we actively warrant our objective to provide our customers with a consistent product quality.

Global monitoring

We closely monitor developments regarding new and changing legislation and regulation. If necessary, we adjust our products and processes accordingly. Our knowledge and experience allows us to advise our customers and suppliers on these developments before they come into effect, so the business can continue as planned.

How we work


The experienced and professional Cagemax logistics team thinks along with customers and suppliers about how to complete transactions in the most efficient and convenient way possible. We provide a transparent logistics process with traceability from origin to destination.

Customer convenience prevails

We perform as agreed with you in our contract. We have been successfully shipping our products nationally and internationally by road, water and air for many years. In addition to transport, we take care of all necessary (export) documents, so our customers do not have to worry about a thing.

Tracking and tracing

We use a custom-made logistics information system. This system allows us to efficiently plan, track and trace our flow of goods. This ensures that we can provide information about the origin and routing of products to both our counterparties and the official bodies that supervise our sectors.


If you have any questions or remarks about us or our product portfolio, please feel free to contact us.


Oude Bosscheweg 9
5301 LA Zaltbommel
The Netherlands


Phone: +31 418 584 949